Skype, it's over

themesong: nightcall w/ london grammar

You're gone. Once upon a time we had a relationship. I'm trying to think if it was ever any good, but at least it was. You filled a function in my life. When I was far away you made it easy for me to feel close to my friends and family. You had me.

It's been a while since I had any feelings for you. Well, that's not true. I've had feelings, feelings of annoyance. Thing is, you're grown old and fat. When we met you were at least young and filled with spirit. That's all gone. It's been gone for long.

Last time I called with you, you were so bloated I couldn't even find the one button I was looking for. The truth is, there are so many new kids on the block. Younger, brighter, sexier. And that's life. That's what happens. Nothing is forever.

When we started to hang out, you were your own. You knew what you wanted, you had aspirations. Then you got adopted, first by one family and then another. In the process it feels like you lost yourself. Your personality. Your soul.

As you know I'm always looking for the new, the fresh, the bold, the caring. I've found it and I will never look back. It's kind of sad, because our story goes a long way back. But hey, you still got a lot of friends, people who like you, and people who are too lazy and comfortable to move away, stuck in a loop of adption horror. I'm just not the one. Sorry.

Let me introduce to you a couple of new lovers in my life. is cool. She's really cool. She dares to say fuck you to most browsers and discard any other old bastard. She's using the latest moves that only a new browser can do.

Anyone, well, anyone that's brave enough to download the latest Chrome, Firefox & Opera can dance with her. It's god damn A/V straight in the browser. She's asking permission to use your mic and camera like there's no shame. And really, there isn't. It feels fucking awesome.

She's game for parties up to 8 people, in the browser dude. She's gorgeous. She adjust. She really speaks my language. When I want to see someone, she's the one I'm turning to. The only problem I have is that she doesn't charge me.

That worries me because I don't know for how long I can have her close to me. I mean, how are she going to pay for her food? Housing and all that you need to survive and to be excellent to others.

When I'm more in a mode of shexting, like the cool kids do today, I feel pretty old fashioned but Facebook is treating me so well, and she's learning and growing so fast, there's no one that can even come close to the smartness she's talking.

Man, she knows it all. And she's got communication skills like a maddog. You can be anywhere, the other part can be anywhere and you can text and see instantly if they got the message, if it was delivered and if it was read. Who beats that? You can even see exactly where they are, and if they're on the move or sitting on their ass.

That my friend, is what I call madskillz. You can even fucking call anyone, from your mobile, not knowing their number or where they are in the world. It's magic, it really is. People talk so much shit about her, but I don't think anyone can deny that she's matured over the years to become the best friend in many people lives.

She's sneaky but who isn't these days. She's not worse than your big brother. I mean, she's at least open that she's sneaking around in your stuff. She's open that she knows everyhting about you and using it in ways that benefit both your and her life. Most hers of couse, naturally.

I didn't ever think that I was going to tell the world that Facebook was one of my lovers but she is, and I'm totally cool about saying it out loud. I mean, the truth is that she is what I onces wanted to create and give to the world, so it would be strange if I didn't fall in love with her after all, wouldn't it?!