Why, we are often looking for simple and plain answers in life. We are looking for them so hard, we tend to forget life is complex. We as human beings are complex. The society we live in is complex. And the world around us is complex.

So why do we keep looking for the simple answers? Maybe to make sense of it all. Our universe. Maybe to grasp it. Maybe because it's easier, more comfortable with an easy answer than with a complex nuanced, deep and emotional. Maybe because we fear the complexity and fear that we don't understand.

We want to understand our world around us, and how it's tied together. Maybe we fear the unknown, what's beyond ourselves and our understanding. It seems we need to understand beginnings and ends. How it got started and how it fell apart.

Will we ever? Will we ever fully understand ourselves, our emotions, our actions. I believe we would be better of, if we embraced and became more aware of our own complexity and the complex environments and conditions we live in.

Nothing is simple.