Well. Fuck NDAs.

I had another meeting with another potential entrepreneur and idea owner. They had an idea to an app. Potentially a killer app. But who knows? I don't because unless I was willing to sign an NDA they couldn't talk about the brilliance of this idea.

Fine. You have an idea. You think it's awesome. You believe in it you say. But, you also say that you don't believe in yourself enough. I've been there. I was shit scared of sharing the idea of ambadoo at the very beginning. Imagine someone stole the idea. Imagine someone I told about my brilliant idea just started to execute. Yes. Anyone could. But who would?

Would I, or any other person, drop everything that we do to execute some other idea that we barely know anything about? Do I have the knowledge or passion to be able to execute on it? Not likely. Would I do it to a person who reach out their hand. Never.

What I've learned over the years of starting up is that the more you can share about your vision and ideas, the more help you get executing. Today I was frank about this, and said that I can't help with anything if I don't know what it is they need help with. It's simple.

It's easy to believe when you get an idea that the actual value is in the idea itself, which of course, you later realise is complete nonsense. The only thing that matters is execution. You don't need to read much or talk to many to realise this. An idea is worthless. It actually is. An idea in itself is worth nothing. Not a dime. What's worth is the outcome, what you do with it. And you have to believe you can execute that idea better than anyone else, or why do it?

So, here's the public service announcement: I am deeply happy to share my knowledge, experience, advice & lessons learned from starting, running and failing companies. But I will never sign an NDA to do that.

Asking for help and simultaneously asking someone to sign an NDA is like saying: I want to brain pick you, but I don't trust you. I think it's very sad, because I really believe they, or rather we, would win so much from sharing our ideas and lessons learned. That's how we progress and move forward.

Update: Emil Stenström pointed me to the FriendDA, a more friendly and human version of a NDA.

photo CC BY 3.0 Сергей Лепехин