My Music Year 2014

2014 was a very special music year for me, I went on a music discovery journey.

I’ve always listened to a lot of music, in 2014 I listened 42,698 minutes just on Spotify. That’s 711 hours and about 2 hour average per day. And I would say it's not even 50% of all music I listened to last year. My habit has mostly been to listen to the same music over and over again until it’s unbearable then go look for something new. But last year I listened to more new music than I’ve ever done before.

In late 2013 I was talking to Johan Sandén about an idea I had about a product that would hype startups (as a joke), calling it Hype Machine and he told me that already existed as a music discovery service. I’d never heard about it but downloaded Hype Machine instantly and fell in love with it. New music every week, curated by music blogs and the Hype Machine community.

That app, and an intense exchange of about 500 songs with my music muse made me listen to more than 5126 unique tracks from 2491 unique artists. That represents more than half of the artists I’ve listened to since I started to scrobble to back in 2005, and 30% of unique tracks I’ve listened to in total. Yep, that’s a lot of new music.

It’s been amazing to discover so many new artists and music that I’d had never listened to before. I decided to go through what I’d favorited and liked, by looking at data from that collects data from my listening on Spotify, SoundCloud & Hype Machine.

Spotify made Year In Music, a similar automated year in review as Facebook but just as I feel Facebook’s algorithms didn’t tell my story, Spotify’s My Year In Music didn’t really tell the story of my music year. But, I totally see why people use them, because it’s insanely time consuming to make your own. But once I’ve started a project like this, I apparently need to finish even if it grows out of hand. But here it is.

Favorites 2014

From 317 favourites on Hype Machine I tried to select some of my absolute favourites, but damn it’s hard. The playlist consist of 34 amazing tracks and here’s my top 10 favourite tracks of 2014.

  1. Rick Ross - In Vein (feat. The Weeknd) [Explicit]
  2. James Blake - Life Round Here (Feat. Chance The Rapper)
  3. Talos - Tethered Bones
  4. Monogem - Simple Things (Miguel Cover)
  5. Sam Smith - Nirvana (TIP's Promised Land Remix)
  6. Jack Garratt - The Love You're Given
  7. Thief - Closer (Akouo Remix)
  8. James Vincent McMorrow - Higher Love
  9. SBTRKT - THE LIGHT ft Denai Moore
  10. Made In Heights - Panther

Top Artist 2014

So, even I’ve listened to a lot of new music I’ve apparently also put some albums and artists on repeat. London Grammar, SBTRKT, Banks & James Vincent McMorrow were the artists I obsessed most about.

I got to see London Grammar at Popaganda in August and James Vincent McMorrow at Vega in Copenhagen in November, and this February I’ll go to Sonar Stockholm and see SBTRKT. I think the common theme here is their voices, it’s just so smooth to my ears.

  1. London Grammar - 142 plays
  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - 133 plays
  3. SBTRKT - 126 plays
  4. Common - 105 plays
  5. Apollo Brown - 97 plays
  6. Billie Holiday - 85 plays
  7. Banks - 72 plays
  8. James Vincent McMorrow - 69 plays
  9. The Roots - 67 plays
  10. James Blake - 66 plays

Top Tracks 2014

My most looped tracks,

  1. deadmau5 – Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix) - 34 plays
  2. Blackmill – Let It Be (Feat. Veela) - 30 plays
  3. Phaeleh – Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix) - 29 plays
  4. James Vincent McMorrow – Red Dust - 29 plays
  5. Quasamodo – By Your Side - 28 plays
  6. Simon Le Grec – Got To Be Love - Ambient Mix - 28 plays
  7. James Vincent McMorrow – Higher Love - 28 plays
  8. Goapele – Play - 28 plays
  9. London Grammar – Nightcall - 28 plays
  10. Edwin van Cleef – I Feel You - 27 plays

Playlists 2014

I’m really too lazy to make playlists. I wish they’d create themselves based on the music I listen to; genre, artists, mood etc. One thing I reflected on early last year is how the music you listen to can tell the world about how you feel. I created Alma, a playlist with quite emotional music - which I needed at the time. But I was scared to make public what I listened to because of what it revealed.

  1. Alma - made with a dark soul
  2. Slow As Jass - for dinners
  3. Hotel Lounge - I love hotel lounges, and this made me feel like being in one. Often played in Studio01
  4. Dreamy - makes me dream away
  5. Bossa Nova(ish) - just relaxing soft sounds

I started this list by dividig up my favs from Hype Machine into monthly playlists on SoundCloud, then selecting from there the final favourites of the year. Here's the monthly sets.

January - 51 favs

February - 37 favs

March - 44 favs

April - 25 favs

May - 11 favs

June - 9 favs

July - 4 favs

August - 4 favs

September - 36 favs

October - 58 favs

November - 28 favs

December - 10 favs

So yeah, that was my music year 2014. If you like this kind of music, you can follow me on on SoundCloud, & Hype Machine where I favourite, like and share the music I listen to.