Moves moves on

Today's We're delighted to be acquired letter is coming from Moves who's been building an amazing health / location tracker up until now. Now they join Facebook to work and improve "their products and services".

They say the app will live on, but the question is for how long. It tend to do so until it doesn't anymore. I'm happy for the team, but I'm also sad that yet another great product didn't make it.

I remember Aral Balkan asking the team when they launched how they were going to profit from the app since it was free and since it was tracking one of the most sensitive thing possible, your location, continuously. The answer was quite simply: acquisition.

It's already freaking people out if you look at @movesapp twitter mentions. According to Moves they will not commingle the data with Facebook but it isn't something new that people react strongly when it comes to privacy, location and Facebook.

I've enjoyed using the app since the day it was launched, but the question is for how long I'll continue to use it. I've become accustomed to track every step I take and that was, and still is the value for me.

It's hard to believe that the app will continue to evolve or that anyone else will continue to develop for the API now since the company doesn't really exist anymore and the team is going to work on Facebook stuff. So the question is if one should move on right away to something else, or stay with it as long as it lasts.

An idea that keeps coming back to me when this happens is that of a personal API, to which you can push data to from various accounts. So even when a company or service goes down, your data stays with you and you can plug in a new service to keep feeding your archives. Services comes and goes but the data should just flow. But that's a topic for another post.