Living Healthily Ever After

I've decided to make 2014 the year I'll go healthy and figure out what's wrong with my digestion. There are obvious problems that I've just ignored most of my life. Last year I tried to figure it out, but failed pretty miserably after just a couple of weeks. When I was young we tried to figure it out but bad character prevailed.

There are some potential suspects; lactose and coffee for sure, gluten and sea food most probably. Fish quite possibly. So, I'm trying to be free of all that and go all veggie and berries. But it's damn hard. I love bread, and I drink coffee like it's water.

This morning I got this Long Distance Runner on my mind. I don't need to start saying no to cigarettes, weed and Es but apart from that I'll keep this my chorus of the year.

No alcohol, no weed
No cigarettes, no Es
No milk, no cheese
No eggs, no meat
Just mediation and peace
Red lentils, chick peas
Good workout, good sleep
Mo' sunshine, light breeze

photo CC BY 3.0 Marco Rosanova