iPhone MacBook * Mount

A bit more than a year ago I started to work on a iPhone / MacBook mount. I started by making some very simple prototypes, iterated to some more advanced 3D modelled & 3D printed versions. I wanted it in aluminum or some kind of metal, to match the MacBook and iPhone. I got stuck on the choice of material & lack of time to actually focus on it.

Today, yet another mobile <-> computer screen mount in the wild. This time it's Trapez - Anywhere. Launching a indiegogo campaign today. (thanks for the tip Karsten).

It's pretty amazing to see something that I've had an idea to, get real. It doesn't have to be made or created by me. I can't make real all ideas I have. And I enjoy seeing other's take on the same problem/solution.

I remember Ehsan Noroozi saying once that he liked to give ideas away, because if 1000 of his ideas got made by others, the world would look 1000 times more like he wished.

We don't need to, and can't, fix all the problems ourselves even if we sometimes would like to think so. And, what I like about seeing other people working on the same problem/solution is that you're onto something. It's a confirmation you're on the right track.

The Trapez Indiegogo campaign (a must watch video)

Last week's release of mountie

My prototype about a year ago